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  • September 15, 2022
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Given the fast pace of digitalization, every business whether small or large is at high risk of cyber attacks. Organizations in every industry are facing data breaches, ransomware or malware attacks, system hacks, and other illicit cyber activities affecting their network processing power. Therefore, businesses highly depend on cybersecurity professionals to detect cyberattacks and protect their business networks & consumers from imminent risk. This opens up a great opportunity for marketers who are looking for companies that need cyber security.

Though no business is immune to cybercrimes, some industries are more susceptible to intensive and frequent cyber attacks that can cost them billions of dollars. If you are looking for companies that need cyber security, here are 5 industries that have the greatest demand in 2022.

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Top 5 Industries With Greatest Demand in Cybersecurity

1. Healthcare

This information-intensive industry is at high risk of cyber attacks for its storage of sensitive data. Healthcare organizations store e-healthcare records that hold a large amount of personal and financial data. Various reports from past incidents have shown that sick and elderly people became victims of online theft and scam. Hackers steal sensitive patient data and then use it to exploit them.

Moreover, The Cybersecurity Magazine has predicted that the healthcare industry is three times more likely to suffer cyber attacks than any other industry in 2022. This is why healthcare organizations are now more concerned about protecting their networks, devices, and systems from ongoing threats. Keeping looming security risks in view, the healthcare industry is predicted to invest more than $125 billion by the year 2025.

Thus, if you’re a cybersecurity vendor looking for companies that need cybersecurity services, the healthcare industry should be on the top of your list. For more details, you can read the blog on selling cybersecurity software to the healthcare industry.

2. Business Sector

It’s a broad, catch-all category and it’s no secret that it represents most of the cyberattacks today.

Most of these are easy targets for hackers - all because they think “This will not happen to us,” until it happens, putting their entire business at risk.

Most businesses are attacked through supply chain networks and omnichannel access to steal a large amount of consumer and financial data. Moreover, SMBs are at a higher risk than larger brands. Firstly because they are often connected to larger businesses through third parties and possess sensitive data. Secondly, they lack data protection systems, making them an easy target for hackers.

However, these businesses must have robust cybersecurity systems to protect their working networks. Cybersecurity vendors that are hunting for companies that need cyber security solutions should target eCommerce and retail businesses that need advanced security practices to protect their customers.

3. Military Sector/Government Agencies

Military and government agencies can be a hot target for vendors looking for companies that need cyber security.

These sectors hold the biggest chunks of secretive and sensitive public data such as biometrics; fingerprints, facial data, addresses, financial data, secret agents data, war data, and other classified data. This is why they have always been a prime target for cyber-attacks.

Data theft in such sensitive databases can be extremely dangerous for governments. Due to this desperate need to protect their data, government agencies are investing heavily in cybersecurity. This has resulted in a strong push to recruit cybersecurity professionals to combat foreign and local hackers.

Marketers who are looking for companies that need cyber security services can collaborate with such agencies for data protection. By offering robust defenses and security systems, you can make more sales and higher ROI in a short time.

4. Finance

It comes as no surprise that the fintech industry is a lucrative target for hackers. It’s because credit card data remains among the most sensitive data as it includes Social Security Numbers, bank statements, etc. Previously, Equifax, one of the largest credit card companies, had to face a huge financial blow of $700 million. The data breaches exposed the sensitive data of 147 million people on public platforms.

Thus, financial institutes need to take extra measures to protect themselves and customers’ data from digital threats. This is even more true for Mobile banking apps which are susceptible to getting hacked if two-factor authentication is not used.

Therefore, the FinTech industry wants to invest in top-notch cybersecurity solutions offering a massive opportunity to marketers looking for companies that need cyber security. They can win clients by approaching tech officers in fintech companies and providing them with tailored, industry-specific cybersecurity solutions.

5. Manufacturing

Anyone working in the manufacturing sector would be certainly aware of the frequent technological disruptions happening in manufacturing workflows. This is because more than 40% of manufacturing businesses have faced cyber attacks in the last year.

Though integration of IoT and other collaborative robotics has streamlined industry processes to a greater extent. However, they have also served as the weakest point when it comes to protecting digital data.

Ransomware crimes that hold files as hostages and release them only when you pay a certain amount of money have become common in the manufacturing industry. This is a nightmare for businesses that already have a limited budget.

Cybersecurity vendors looking for companies that need cybersecurity solutions must provide solutions that can detect entry points in the systems.

Are You a Cybersecurity Vendor? Are You Looking for Companies That Need Cyber Security Services?

Advancement in technology is giving hackers newer and better tools and techniques to break into companies’ security networks. Resultantly, more businesses are hiring cybersecurity professionals to meet the challenge.

Though cybersecurity services are required across every industry, it's obvious there is an urgent need in the healthcare, eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, fintech, and military sectors. If you’re a vendor looking for companies that need cyber security services, seeking out opportunities in these industries can help you get rewarding leads.

You can also join Execweb, a cybersecurity executive referral network, to get access to CISOs, CIOs, and tech officers that are associated with various industries. Register now to have virtual meetings with cyber security practitioners and develop long-term business partnerships.

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