How To Connect With CISO Executive Network For Cybersecurity Services

  • UserVal Tsanev
  • June 30, 2022
  • 4 min read
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The sudden rise of cyberattacks and ransomware, particularly during the pandemic, has put the role of CISO in the spotlight. Today, the role of CISO goes beyond the traditional role of risk management to provide overarching security roadmaps to organizations. This is one major reason cybersecurity vendors want to be on the CISO's radar. However, getting inside CISO executive networks requires some sort of first-time engagement.

But how does one accomplish that? This is one challenge most cybersecurity vendors are wrestling with.

“Getting inside CISO executive networks requires some sort of first-time engagement. But how does one accomplish that? This is one challenge most cybersecurity vendors are wrestling with."

Why Is It So Hard to Connect With CISO Executive Networks?

Due to the high caliber of their job, CISOs often find themselves overburdened with hundreds of cold emails, dozens of calls, social media connect requests, etc. which often cringe or turn them off. In the process, potential vendors lose their chance to make their way through CISO executive networks.

So how do you break the wall and reach out to a CISO? We recently sifted through the process and uncovered some actionable tips that cybersecurity vendors can use to build relationships.

Let's begin.

5 Ways Cybersecurity Vendors Can Connect With CISO Executive Networks

1. Use Right Channels and Methods to Approach

More often than not, CISOs are annoyed by the way they are approached by vendors. The cyber security vendors rely on social media platforms to engage with CISOs. While social media platforms are a great option to build relationships, they create a lot of noise too.

CISOs get thousands of messages and emails and it becomes very difficult for them to cut the clutter and extract potential vendors that they really want to connect with.

No matter which channel you use to approach CISO executive networks, your message should always stand out. Make sure your message is clear, relevant, and to the point. Instead of throwing out cold messages, ask for their take on security threats and solutions they require to fulfill security needs. See comment

2. Network Within Relevant LinkedIn Communities/Events

Social platforms such as LinkedIn are the best option to network within relevant communities. LinkedIn groups/communities are a good option for cyber security vendors to get more visibility, thus their chances of being noticed by CISOs also increase. It would do you a world of good if you engage in conversations, answer their questions, and share your thoughts. You can even volunteer and sponsor some community events to build your professional network and, in turn, your image. As you engage more, your name, image, and brand will be more familiar with the CISO executive network and it will become easier to connect with them.

3. Use a Reliable Resource to Get Introduced

An introduction from a trusted person in the field works every time.

When it comes to choosing a potential vendor, the deciding factor for CISOs is based on trust. CISOs are more likely to connect with someone they know through a reliable resource.

If someone vouches for you, it brings a sense of trust and an environment of comfort. When they get in touch with you, they already know a bit about you and how you work, and they will definitely lower their shields for you. This way, you can easily reach out to a number of CISO executive networks.

Also, when you first interact with a CISO executive network, focus on making a meaningful connection instead of promoting your brand. Respect their need for "Trust" and build your relationship by providing them value.

4. Your Customers Can be Your Salesperson

Mouth selling is 1000x more effective than social media marketing.

One of the best ways to develop a CISO-Vendor relationship is when someone uses your product and recommends it to others.

When you earn the trust of a CISO with your product or service and they recommend you in their networks, this ultimately clears the road ahead of you and you can engage with a larger contact base.

However, you must remember that CISOs will gladly introduce the vendors' solutions that they trust and warn against those who they don't trust. Thus, cyber security vendors must ensure that a CISO is satisfied with their solutions to get more recommendations.

5. Register on Relevant Cybersecurity Platforms

There are a number of cyber security platforms that offer a pool of tech executives (CIO, CISOs, etc). You can register on such platforms to get access to a number of CISOs and introduce your security solutions. Some of the best CISO networks are:

  • Execweb
  • Evanta
  • Sans
  • Thompson Hine

Such platforms offer a great chance to develop strong CISO-vendor relationships and access large CISO executive networks.

6. Engage in Cyber Security Discussions On & Off Social Media

Find topical cyber security discussions and threads on different social platforms using specific keywords such as cybersecurity security events. A number of successful cybersecurity vendors use social media discussions to build a reputation, which raises their chances of being selected as vendors. This way, cyber security vendors can smoothly reach out to important CISO executive networks and build a strong contact base.

In addition to that, you can also make your way around outside the social media world. Put efforts to meet CISOs in person when the opportunity arises. You can sponsor small CISO gatherings or dinners to meet 5-10 CISOs and hear what's top of mind for them. Just like you are looking for CISO executive networks, mature CISOs are also looking for cybersecurity vendors to fulfill their security needs and business goals.

Once you get the chance to interact with them, bring your smartest ideas and try to add tremendous value to the conversations.

Remember: A vendor sells ideas before selling the products.

Do You Want to Get in Touch with The Best CISO Executive Networks?

While you can use all the above-mentioned techniques to connect with CISO executive networks, you must know that it will require time and consistency. However, the opportunities are endless once you do it the right way. If you are a security vendor looking for the best cyber security platforms where you can connect with top tech executives (CISOs, CIOs, VPs of Technology) instantly, register on our platform right now. We will connect with the top CISOs interested in your cybersecurity solutions. You might also want to read about how cybersecurity marketing and sales professionals should contact relevant CISOs.

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